Salad with berries and peaches by @ghostmechanic, honey roasted beets, garlicky goat cheese – I love you, summertime!

by Lizzie J

via Instagram

I am rather inordinately proud of having eaten all of the foods I pre-cooked last week to make this week’s lunches and dinners more manageable.  Between vastly reducing our food waste, making the bed every day, and going for early-morning runs on a regular basis… I may become insufferably virtuous in the near future.

The beets and goat cheese cakes came from here.  I’m planning on slathering some nutty bread with the leftovers of the goat cheese cakes after work today.  Note to all who may attempt this: if you mix up the goat cheese cakes and then let the mixture sit in the fridge for a couple of days before eating them, the raw garlic will bloom into something BIG and spicy.  I have no problem with this at all, but if you’re planning a make-ahead situation, consider dialing back on the minced garlic cloves.  And have some faith about the beets.  It works.

Salad is: spring mix, diced organic strawberries and a peach, sunflower seeds, reduced-fat feta, hemp hearts, and this dressing (which I make in a little jar and keep in the fridge always).