Green Goopy Toast

by Lizzie J

Sometimes I make absolutely delicious things and they turn out to be not-so-photogenic, but I want them to be recorded anyway.

First, you should know that this is our home’s signature cocktail.  We drink them… I’m not going to say how often exactly, because you’ll judge me, but suffice to say that we have the process for mixing up a double down pat.  Always with Bulleit bourbon and raw honey, because that’s how we roll.

Last night, dinner was this smashed chickpea and avocado salad (I tweaked it by not having green onions, so I added just a touch of garlic salt and sriracha for tang-y-ness) on whole wheat toast.  We had a ton of CSA cilantro to be rid of, so I was so pleased to stumble upon this recipe yesterday.  If you make it, add the lime juice slowly and taste after each dash.  It’s important to hit the right level of brightness, but when you do, you’ll know.

Dessert was a significant portion of a bag of Skinny Pop while watching cartoons on my laptop on the bed, because we’re grown-ass grown-ups.  I am typically wary of anything labeled “skinny” or otherwise related to dieting, because those things are usually full of aspartame and hydrogenated oils, but this stuff is simple and GOOD.  It’s verrrrry lightly salted, so you mostly just get nutty popcorn flavor.  The Skinny Pop people aren’t even paying me to say this (though *cough cough* if you’re interested…), I just like this stuff a lot.  It’s basically the perfect snack.

I am going to take that chickpea and avocado salad to the next potluck-type-thing we’re invited to, because it was both perfect and vegan (which is an important consideration around here).  Maybe I’ll figure out how to make it pretty by then!