Expert Advice

by Lizzie J

One of my brilliant friends sent me an essay a month ago… which I only today managed to sit down and read (because I am an awesome friend).  She wrote a lovely, sensitive, honest critique of how her media consumption growing up was formative in her own feminist and sexual identity.

I wrote her back about the essay itself, but by the end I was just wishing that I’d managed to land in a field about which I could write so compellingly.  Not that I didn’t choose my path consciously, but it’s mostly just the result of taking the path of least resistance toward my ultimate plan, which is defined thusly: experience the greatest breadth and depth of humanity I can get ahold of, oh and of course deep fulfilling happiness.

No problem.

Since I’m not precisely sure how I’m getting there, I will record the path here so that perhaps at some point I will look back and be embarrassed by how short-sighted I could be.

I think we’ve covered the aimlessness of a privileged twenty-something pretty thoroughly.  Next time I write I shall look outward, to relationships and their forms.  Spoiler: I’m poly and I’m going to write that down on the Internet, like no one else has ever done ever.