Times like these

by Lizzie J

Times like these

Folks (whom I love and respect) have been telling me to get on my blog game for a while.  Don’t think this is me doing that.  Still too much happening in life to even keep up with the dishes.   But Ann Friedman says we are all aggregators now, so I just wanted to share this Vox piece and add that this exact line of reasoning makes me question the ethics of my whole job all the time.

Should I be working to try to get a college degree into the hands of everyone who wants one?  There’s not a whole lot of evidence that it’s necessarily a good thing, especially if it means that marginal students are going to spend the next 20 years of their retail management careers paying off loans.

AirBnB, I’m still waiting for that callback.  I will make you the sexiest graphs you have ever seen I swear.