I come from a super smart, funny, opinionated family. My grandmother on my dad’s side worked for school desegregation in South Carolina; my mom volunteered for the McGovern campaign in ’72. In the last year, I’ve gotten more involved with activism, but it hasn’t been 100% smooth sailing. I think any time you raise your voice and really speak your truth, someone is going to be uncomfortable with that. A few weeks ago, on a pretty rough day, I got an e-mail from my grandmother saying that she’s proud of me for my organizing. I bawled. I’m really lucky to have so much support and inspiration all around me; that’s the well I draw my energy from to keep fighting. – photo by @bethaustin757 for the @hamptonroadspride portrait series #outloudproud #yourportraits #yourcommunity #hrprideportraitseries

by Lizzie J

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